The Healthfit Story: Our providers have dedicated their lives to the study and practice of medicine. However, like so many doctors who have left the medical profession, before starting HealthFit every member of the team considered doing the same. For medical providers who have a true passion and dedication to their patients, the current models of delivering care are heartbreaking. In the simplest terms, providers are pressured to spend less time with patients, prescribe more medications, and manage your health problems rather than cure them.

No patient would accept an orthopedic surgeon who recommended a lifetime of crutches to manage a broken leg with no attempt to heal the bone. But, the same patient accepts a lifetime of medication to manage diabetes, to treat hypertension, to just get by with depression, or to live with a little less back pain. The cold financial facts are straight forward: surgeons get paid to heal you, to resolve appendicitis, to repair the torn ACL, to remove the abnormal growth. Primary care providers get paid to manage disease, to prescribe more medications, to create and then treat the complications that come with a lifetime of managing disease. Managing chronic diseases require regular visits to the healthcare organizations. The average diabetic over a lifetime generates $300,000 of healthcare revenue. With this in mind, there are 300,000 reasons why the healthcare industry doesn’t want your doctor to cure type II diabetes.

We chose collectively to come together and stay in medicine, but to go in another direction. Our providers average twenty years of medical practice in different civilian and military hospitals and organizations. However, they also share a life time of studying nutrition, of studying exercise with dual training as athletic and personal trainers, and more importantly – of not just practicing medicine for two decades, but also studying the science of the human body. Along with a broad and vast knowledge base for modern medicine, all of our providers share an open mindedness and appreciation that the science of human health is much more than understanding pharmaceuticals. By building relationships with groups within healthcare whose bottom line isn’t tied to keeping you sick, we have created a business model that allows us to focus on the only interest every person had when they chose to pursue a career in medicine: the desire and passion to be able to say to someone, “I can help you. I am here for you.”

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