Standard Access to The Gym

Train at your leisure, on your own time.


45-90 Minutes Each

Kinesiologists are also available for individual appointments. These appointments allow the Kinesiologist to specifically address your individual needs and goals. After an in-depth full evaluation, the Kinesiologist optimizes appointments to help you improve. Our Kinesiologists are equipped to handle everything including chronic disease management, athletic development, post-therapy progression, overall fitness and general physical health.


12-Weeks, 24 Classes

HealthFit classes are co-developed between physicians and physical health experts in order to ensure optimal efficiency. Every class is taught by a HealthFit Kinesiologist, and specifically targets a critical part of physical health utilizing scientific concepts. We currently offer classes focused on Conditioning, Endurance, Neuro-Muscular Strength, and Neuro-Muscular Response (Coordination). After signing up for a HealthFit Program, we do a full Kinesiology evaluation at no cost to you to make sure you are taking classes that will benefit you. We also limit our class size to ensure that you get the attention you deserve. Whether you’re an athlete wanting to increase ability, a patient moving towards a better outcome, or just wanting to make a positive change; our programs are designed to get you there. Join the HealthFit team and let’s move forward together!

Membership Pricing

Standard Access to the gym 7 am – 7 pm,

After hours Access (not staffed) 24/7

Standard Access to the gym 7 am – 7 pm,

After hours Access (not staffed) 24/7

Standard Gym Membership $35 per month

Patient/Affiliate $30 per month

First-Responder $10 per month

Train at your leisure, on your own time.

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