Nutritional Supplements

A healthy and balanced diet is essential to good health. However, in this day and age it is difficult to get everything you need from your diet alone which is why the supplement industry has been booming. Unfortunately, not all supplements are equal. In fact, their is an enormous variance in the quality of supplements in the market. Even more significantly, you have to be careful about what supplements you take because they can be dangerous when taken incorrectly.

In a recent study, the CDC evaluated data from 63 emergency departments over a 10-year period (2004-2013). The researchers estimated that based upon the data, dietary supplements are responsible for approximately 23,000 ER visits and 2,000 hospitalizations annually. Weight loss and energy products were responsible for 72% of the incidents while sexual enhancement and body building products accounted for 14%.

We recognize that many of our patients need and desire to use various vitamins and supplement products. Because of that we have designed a line of high-quality, doctor approved, supplements that your provider can recommend. This allows our patients to be confident that the products they are taking are of high quality and it allows our providers the opportunity to tailor, review and reconcile the specific products that our patients take with the medications that are prescribed.

We currently offer the following products:

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