Weight loss

The combined knowledge base acquired from our HealthFit team, which includes degrees in medicine, sports medicine, athletic training, personal training, and nutrition education we use a multimodality approach to understand first the reasons why weight gain occurs, and then explore the limited but effective physiological opportunities that exist to lose

Through our individualized weight loss programs, which include a minimum of one hour of exercise per week, patient’s goals are generally are accomplished with limited physical effort and no hardship on the patient. By empowering the patient with the collective knowledge of the multidisciplinary team, the vast majority of our patients after reaching their weight loss goals, stay at their ideal body weight. Average monthly weight loss of body fat is between 6-18 pounds depending on gender, starting weight, and the patient’s motivation for additional exercise time above the one hour per week minimum. Our medical team supervises and clears patients prior to starting any exercise or weight loss program. By treating

obesity, many diseases like diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea as well as the risk for cancer and heart disease are either minimized or completely eliminated . Most importantly, patients on the weight loss program feel much healthier even before reaching their ultimate weight loss goal.

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